Stress Less: Mindfulness and Meditation for the Everyday by Victoria Smith

Stress Less: Mindfulness and Meditation for the Everyday

If you've ever wanted to try meditation, but felt like it was a little intimidating, this course is for you! We break down how to meditate, the benefits it can give you, bust myths and help you build a lasting practice.

What You Can Expect

Morgan explains a little bit about why we developed the program and what you can expect over our six weeks together. 

Can anybody meditate?

Heck yes they can. The challenge, for many people, is the fear they're doing it wrong, that they can't quiet the voices in their heads, or they simply don't know where to start.

Join Morgan Craig-Broadwith of Live It Active for an Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness. With years of practice in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) combined with her background in exercise physiology and psychology, Morgan will lead us in the basics of meditation and mindfulness for everyday individuals. 

She's not your meditation goddess - she's a real live mom of two with a serious career. You know what helps keep her performing at her peak both at home and at work? 

You guessed it! Meditation and mindfulness. 

Morgan breaks it down over the course of six weeks so that you can build the meditation muscle, see the benefits of calming your hamster wheel mind, and create more space in your life. 

This is powerful stuff and we hope you join us. 

In this course you will:

  • Develop the meditation muscle
  • Experience how mindfulness calms the chaos (even during COVID-19!)
  • Adapt the practice to suit your specific needs
  • Have access to downloadable meditations for life
  • Reduce stress, increase clarity and improve your mood

You deserve a less chaotic mind. Once you calm the chaos, you stress less, perform better at work and at home, and everything is just that bit sweeter.

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos File Icon 25 files


The Guide: Mindfulness and Meditation for the Everyday
19.9 MB
Week 1: Introduction
Week 1: Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness (video)
18 mins
Week 1 Journal Pages
7.43 MB
Loving Kindness Meditation
16 mins
Week 2: Loving Kindness
Week 2: Loving Kindness (video)
14 mins
Week 2 Journal Pages
2.82 MB
Body Scan Meditation
30 mins
Self-Compassion Assessment
Week 3: The Physical Body
Week 3: The Physical Body (video)
22 mins
Week 3 Journal Pages
1.85 MB
Chanting Meditation
11 mins
Week 4: Creating Space
Week 4: Creating Space (video)
19 mins
Week 4 Journal Pages
6.48 MB
Bell Meditation
16 mins
Week 5: Your Spiritual Self
Week 5: Your Spiritual Self (video)
18 mins
Week 5 Journal Pages
4.41 MB
Lake Meditation
20 mins
Mountain Meditation
18 mins
Week 6: The Power of Circle
Week 6: The Power of Circle (video)
22 mins
Week 6 Journal Pages
2.71 MB
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