Stress Less in 90 Days: Group Coaching by Victoria Smith
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Stress Less in 90 Days: Group Coaching

If you feel overwhelmed, overworked or overtired, this program is for you! Twelve weeks of content to help you significantly reduce your stress, bi-weekly group coaching calls, and the support you need to go from stress ball to stressing less!

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Enrollment is closed

What's Included

In this course we're going to go straight to the heart of how to help you stress less. This includes:

  • 12 weeks of video content to help you build the tools, strategies and mindsets to re-calibrate your relationship to stress
  • Curated downloads (meditations, meal plans, nighttime yoga routines, etc.)
  • The Stress Less in 90 Days Journal to accompany the videos. Includes exercises, reflective writing prompts and more. 
  • 4+ group coaching calls on Zoom to help you dive deeper into your specific stress challenges. 
  • Access to a private Facebook group where we'll share weekly tips, videos and build a supportive community.


Is group coaching for me?

Whether you're an introvert, an extrovert or somewhere in between, group coaching can yield huge results. According to the American Psychological Association, when you have accountability you are between 50-95% more likely to achieve your goal, so join some like-minded ladies in significantly decreasing your stress. 

What if I can't make a coaching call?

We'll be recording the coaching calls for your group, BUT the best way to get your individual needs met is to log on and let us help support you.

When does it start?

Our next group cohort will go from September 21, 2019 to December 6, 2019.

As soon as you sign up you'll have access to the private Facebook group, so you'll be getting extra information and resources the earlier you sign up. 

We'll also be releasing Week 0 content shortly after you sign up so that you have access to nutrition, movement and breath work videos to ground you before Week 1. 

What is the refund policy?

You can get a full refund within the first 30 days of the program launch date provided you send copies of your completed journal pages to that date. For more information email

If you have received a self-care kit in the mail from one of our promotions, you can get a full refund minus $50 for the cost of the kit.