Stress Less in 90 Days: Group Coaching by Victoria Smith

Stress Less in 90 Days: Group Coaching

If burnout is knocking at your door, this program is for you. Recalibrate your relationship with stress so that you can thrive. This is NOT a program full of bandaid solutions. We go deep for lasting results. 

Launches on January 1st, 2021

You CAN stress less. Let's show you how.

So many of us are learning to live with chronic stress. We tell ourselves this is just the way things are, we're wired for stress, or that all of these little bandaid solutions will keep us going.

Keep you going until what? Until you reach a mythical milestone at work? Until you burn out? Until you get sick? Until you are so stressed out the only solution feels like quitting your job and moving into an ashram in India? 

You don't have to get to that point. Stress Less in 90 Days is designed to go deep and recalibrate your relationship to stress so that even when the proverbial hits the fan, you can bounce back. You have resilience in you. You don't have to be chronically stressed, and we can show you how. 

Amy and Victoria have developed Stress Less in 90 Days, a program designed to put you back in the driver’s seat of your relationship to stress. 

Women that go through this group coaching program find that when they begin applying the strategies they begin to feel more confident, empowered, have more energy for what matters most to them, and their heads feel spacious instead of like a dang hamster wheel. 

Life isn’t stressless, but you can stress less! 

What's Included

In this course we're going to go straight to the heart of how to help you stress less. This includes:

  • 12 weeks of video content to help you build the tools, strategies and mindsets to re-calibrate your relationship to stress
  • Curated downloads (meditations, meal plans, nighttime yoga routines, etc.)
  • The Stress Less in 90 Days Journal to accompany the videos. Includes exercises, reflective writing prompts and more. 
  • 4+ group coaching calls on Zoom to help you dive deeper into your specific stress challenges. 
  • Access to a private Facebook group where we'll share weekly tips, videos and build a supportive community.


Is group coaching for me?

Whether you're an introvert, an extrovert or somewhere in between, group coaching can yield huge results. According to the American Psychological Association, when you have accountability you are between 50-95% more likely to achieve your goal, so join some like-minded ladies in significantly decreasing your stress. 

What if I can't make a coaching call?

We'll be recording the coaching calls for your group, BUT the best way to get your individual needs met is to log on and let us help support you.

When does it start?

Our next group cohort will start Jan 1, 2021.

As soon as you sign up you'll have access to the private Facebook group, so you'll be getting extra information and resources the earlier you sign up. 

We'll also be releasing Week 0 content shortly after you sign up so that you have access to nutrition, movement and breath work videos to ground you before Week 1. 

What is the refund policy?

You can get a full refund within the first 30 days of the program launch date provided you send copies of your completed journal pages to that date. For more information email 

What's included?

Core Programming

Welcome & How to Best Use this Program
9 mins
Pre-Survey - Perceived Stress
Week 0: Foundational Stress Reduction
Stress Less in 90 Days Nutrition Guide and Recipe Book
66 MB
Stress Less in 90 Days 12 Week Meal Plan
61.4 KB
Mind, Heart and Body Scan
8 mins
Get Better Sleep
8 mins
Evening Yoga Routine
13 mins
Stress Less in 90 Days Journal
224 KB
Week 1: The Desired State
Setting Your Stress Less in 90 Days Goals
12 mins
Anchors & Clearing the Clutter
9 mins
Journal Week 1
96.8 KB
Week 2: Building Your Energy
What To Do If You're Not Achieving Your Action Items?
6 mins
Creating and Managing Energy
20 mins
Journal Week 2
120 KB
Week 3: Is it a Yes or a No?
Release Meditation Technique
7 mins
Honouring Your Yes and No
6 mins
Journal Week 3
96.6 KB
Week 4: Pleasure, Motivation and Habit
How to Create Strong Habits (and Break Bad Ones!)
10 mins
Mental Rehearsal (Audio Only)
10 mins
The Power of Tapping
11 mins
Journal Week 4
101 KB
Week 5: Self-Sabotage
What Kind of Saboteur Are You?
17 mins
Journal Week 5
102 KB
Week 6: Finding and Creating Joy
Find and Create Joy in the Everyday
9 mins
Parent, Child and Adult Roles
13 mins
Journal Week 6
89.5 KB
Week 7: A Less Stressful Routine
Amy's Morning Routine
8 mins
Digestive Stress
8 mins
100 Self Care Ideas
6.95 MB
Journal Week 7
95 KB
Week 8: What Wants To Be Nourished?
What Wants To Be Nourished
24 mins
Journal Week 8
78.2 KB
Wheel of Life Exercise
130 KB
Week 9: Transforming Old Wounds
Gut Wisdom and Transforming Old Wounds
18 mins
Personal Power Homework Overview
7 mins
Journal Week 9
63.1 KB
Week 10: Personal Power and Acknolwedgement
12 mins
Journal Week 10
68.9 KB
Week 11: Take Inventory
Take Inventory
12 mins
Journal Week 11
71.5 KB
Week 12: Empowering Lessons and Celebration
What Comes Next?
8 mins
Journal Week 12
110 KB
POST-Survey: Perceived Stress
BONUS Material!
Stress Less About Debt
53 mins
How to Not Regret a Decision
10 Strategies to Reclaim HOURS of Your Time
640 KB
How to Manage Panic Attacks
8 mins