Stress Less in 90 Days: Self-Led by Victoria Smith

Stress Less in 90 Days: Self-Led

If you're overworked, overwhelmed or overtired... we can help! In this course we help you develop the tools, strategies and mindset required to take you from stress ball to stressing less. Go at your own pace or follow along week-by-week. Life isn't stressless, but you can stress LESS.

You CAN stress less. Let's show you how.

Stress affects every area of your life. If you’re overwhelmed at work, you can find yourself snapping at home. If you have stress in your relationship, that can lead to poor sleep and chronic anxiety. If you’re obsessed over your body, it can lead to constant dissatisfaction and not really living. 

Stress also manifests itself in many ways. Your brain feels foggy, you can lose motivation, perhaps you feel anxious, your body can ache or you can even get really sick. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. There will always be stress in your life, but when you have the skills to proactively manage and cope with your stress, every area of your life improves. 

COVID-19 is pushing our stress buttons as everything is amplified. That means you need a holistic approach to reducing stress all around so that you can actually enjoy your daily life. 

This self-led version of our signature program, Stress Less in 90 Days, is going back into the vault and will only be available to group coaching clients in future. Take advantage of the final opportunity to access the foundations of stress reduction before August 31st. 

In this program you will:

  • Learn to build habits that serve lasting stress reduction
  • Create a solid and realistic self-care strategy
  • Understand why you are self-sabotaging and how to overcome it
  • Find and create more joy in your daily life
  • Develop routines to consistently stress less long-term
  • And much more!

What's Included?

  • 12 weeks of video content to help you build the tools, strategies and mindsets to recalibrate your relationship to stress
  • Curated downloads (meditations, meal plans, nighttime yoga routines, etc.)
  • The Stress Less in 90 Days Journal to accompany the videos. Includes exercises, reflective writing prompts and more. 

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“I don't like to think of where I might have been without this course the last few months. I knew I needed help, and I feel much more confident and happier as I look ahead. I was so happy to see that there were so many positive side effects of taking this course. Nervous habits that I used to do when I was stressed, have very much decreased. I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to reduce stress in their life and become their best self. It's been magical for me.” 

Wendy W - Calgary

Your Guides

Your guides for this program are Victoria Smith, Founder of Stress Less Ladies, and Amy Stubbs of Natural High Health Coaching. We are certified health and life coaches with a passion for helping you stress less, grounded in our own past experiences of stress and burnout. From toxic workplaces to toxic relationships, between us we’ve experienced it all, and we’re bringing the best strategies to you in a logical order to save you the time and mental energy of having to find the solution on your own.

You're Worth More Than Burnout

This self-paced program can be done week by week, or at a slower pace to suit your needs, but it builds the foundations week by week to help you stress less physically, mentally and emotionally. These strategies can be applied in every area of your life. 

As we navigate the challenges of COVID-19, stress is high. Invest in your stress reduction so that you can ride the Corona-coaster with much more ease and even joy. 

Make sure to snag this course before it goes into the vault for good!


Is this program right for me?

That's a super personal question, so we're going to give you a personal answer. Amy and Victoria created the program that they wish THEY had had along their journey. This is the same type of content that they work through with their one-to-one clients, but we've created this self-led version to be the most affordable option. We know coaching can be expensive, so we made it as accessible as possible. 

What is the refund policy?

You can get a full refund within the first 30 days of purchase provided you send copies of your journal pages completed to that date. The program works if you do the work. For more information email

What's included?

Video Icon 22 videos File Icon 24 files


Welcome & How to Best Use this Program
9 mins
Pre-Survey: Perceived Stress
Stress Management & COVID-19
Strategies for Managing Stress in Self Isolation
28 mins
Week 0: Foundational Stress Reduction
Get Better Sleep
8 mins
Mind, Heart and Body Scan
8 mins
Evening Yoga Routine
13 mins
Stress Less in 90 Days Journal
224 KB
Stress Less in 90 days Meal Plan
61.2 KB
Stress Less In 90 Days Nutrition Guide and Recipe Book
66 MB
Week 1: The Desired State
Setting Your Stress Less in 90 Day Goals
12 mins
Anchors & Clearing the Clutter
9 mins
Journal Week 1
96.8 KB
Week 2: Building Your Energy
What To Do If You're Not Achieving Your Action Items?
6 mins
Creating and Managing Energy
20 mins
Journal Week 2
120 KB
Week 3: Is It a Yes or a No?
Release Meditation Technique
7 mins
Honouring Your Yes and No
6 mins
Journal Week 3
96.6 KB
Week 4: Pleasure, Motivation and Habit
The Power of Tapping
11 mins
How to Create Strong Habits (and Break Bad Ones!)
10 mins
Journal Week 4
101 KB
Week 5: Self-Sabotage
What Kind of Saboteur Are You?
17 mins
Journal Week 5
102 KB
Week 6: Finding and Creating Joy
Find and Create Joy in the Everyday
9 mins
Parent, Child and Adult Roles
13 mins
Journal Week 6
89.5 KB
Week 7: A Less Stressful Routine
Amy's Morning Routine
8 mins
Digestive Stress
8 mins
Journal Week 7
95 KB
Week 8: What Wants To Be Nourished?
What Wants To Be Nourished
24 mins
Journal Week 8
78.2 KB
Wheel of Life Exercise
130 KB
Week 9: Transforming Old Wounds
Gut Wisdom and Transforming Old Wounds
18 mins
Personal Power Homework Overview
7 mins
Journal Week 9
63.1 KB
Week 10: Personal Power and Acknolwedgement
12 mins
Journal Week 10
68.9 KB
Week 11: Take Inventory
Take Inventory
12 mins
Journal Week 11
71.5 KB
Week 12: Empowering Lessons and Celebration
What Comes Next?
8 mins
POST-Survey: Perceived Stress
Journal Week 12
110 KB
BONUS Material!
How to Manage Panic Attacks
8 mins
How to NOT Regret a Decision
Stress Less About Debt
Your Self-Care Water Guide
97.8 KB