Stress Less at Work by Victoria Smith

Stress Less At Work

The workplace can be extremely stressful. Whether you're struggling with your workload, your coworkers, your manager, the physical strain of your role, or more, this toolkit will provide you with strategies to implement immediately.

Stress Less at Work

Work doesn't have to be so stressful. Apply these strategies to make your workday a much more pleasant experience!

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What's included?

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What to Expect from Stress Less At Work
4 mins
Workload Stress
The Dreaded To-Do List
7 mins
Permission Slips
46 KB
When Your Job Means Caring For Others
12 mins
Productivity Without Extra Stress
7 mins
Physical Stress
Work Pain-Free - Ergonomic Set Up For Your Laptop
22 mins
DIY Ergonomics: Live Pain-Free and Save Money by Irma Janzen
Have a Physical Job? Care For Your Body
12 mins
Release Meditation Technique
6 mins
Easy Physical Health Hacks
7 mins
Tying Your Identity To Work
7 mins
What To Do If You HATE Your Job
7 mins
What Do You Value?
53.9 KB
Surviving Layoffs 101
11 mins
Self-Care vs. Self-Comfort
Relationship Stress
Challenging Bosses - And How to Deal With Them
13 mins
Four Irritating Types of Coworkers - And How To Deal With Them
10 mins
Spilling the Tea on Gossip
4 mins
Financial Stress
A Quick Note on Financial Stress
3 mins
Stress Less About Debt with Nicole Olsen (Girl Tries Life Podcast)
8 Manager Share How to Ask For A Raise - And Get It! FORBES
What's Next?
Lasting Stress Reduction