Stress Less About Your Body

For women who are dissatisfied with being dissatisfied with their bodies... if you know what we mean! Over the course of six weeks we'll help you learn to embrace the badass body you already have and start doing the things you've been putting on hold. Life starts now.

Stop obsessing over your body or your weight and start living.

Studies show that 91% of women are unhappy about their body in some way. And when you’re unhappy with your body, so much of your energy, brainpower and money goes to obsessing over a “solution”. 

The solution isn’t losing weight. The solution is you learning to embrace your body, realize it’s the least interesting thing about you and start living into the vibrant life that you can have if you stop being so obsessed with your body.

In this course you will:

  • Recognize the false information you’ve been fed about beauty and weight loss
  • Discover how intuitive eating can recalibrate your relationship with food
  • Move your body in ways that light you up rather than punish you
  • Release that negative inner dialogue 
  • Develop new strategies for self-comfort
  • Show up for yourself more kindly both physically and emotionally

My body has been all kinds of sizes. From starting Weight Watchers at the age of 13, I spent almost two decades being obsessed with calorie counts, points, ‘earning’ my food and just generally not giving my body the respect it deserves. I’ve been deemed obese, I’ve done all the diets, I’ve had two babies… and quite frankly when you learn to love your body, it changes everything.

Co-creator, Amy Stubbs has had a bit of the opposite experience. Where I was overweight, Amy was underweight and punishing herself with gruelling workouts and trying to work through injuries. Fitness was a form of control while in a relationship that felt out of control. She’s since learned to love her body, just in time to welcome her first baby into the world.

Our lives have been far more juicy, vibrant and enjoyable since we stopped obsessing over a dress size. Yours will be, too. 

What's included?

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Stress Less About Your Body Trailer
2 mins
Stress Less About Your Body Journal
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Facebook Group - Stress Less About Your Body
Week 1: Diet Culture
Diet Culture Video
15 mins
Diet Culture (audio only)
15 mins
The Evidence for Intuitive Eating by Psychology Today
Week 2: Health at Every Size
Health at Every Size
27 mins
Health at Every Size (audio only)
27 mins
Health at Every Size book by Linda Bacon (Recommended Reading)
Michelle Elman of Scarred Not Scared on the Girl Tries Life Podcast (optional)
Bryony Gordon Interview on the Girl Tries Life Podcast (optional)
Week 3: Intuitive Eating
Intuitive Eating
37 mins
Intuitive Eating (audio only)
16 mins
Intuitive Eating Book (Recommended Reading)
Intuitive Eating Workbook (Recommended Reading)
Week 4: The Value of Movement
13 mins
Movement (audio only)
13 mins
Week 5: Gratitude & Comfort
Gratitude and Comfort
19 mins
Gratitude and Comfort (audio only)
19 mins
Week 6: Self-Love and Respect
Self-Love & Respect
26 mins
Self Love & Respect (audio only)
26 mins
Body Positive Power by Bodyposipanda (Recommended Reading)