Stress Less About Your Body

For women who are dissatisfied with being dissatisfied with their bodies... if you know what we mean! Over the course of six weeks we'll help you learn to embrace the badass body you already have and start doing the things you've been putting on hold. Life starts now.


I don't see course content yet. What does this program include?

We're finishing up the final edits as we speak, but here's what you can expect.

Week 1: Diet culture! We talk all about why we think the way we do about our bodies, who's making money off it, and how you can harness that energy for YOUR own good. Take back the power. 

Week 2: Health At Every Size and Body Positivity. Fun fact - you can be healthy at ANY size, not just the size of those dang fitness models. We talk about how this is possible, as well as the differences between being body positive and body confident. 

Week 3: Intuitive Eating in a nutshell. This is SUCH a big topic, but we highlight the 10 principles of intuitive eating so that food becomes just food and not an obsession. Sounds nice, hey?

Week 4: Movement. It doesn't have to be punishing. This is the week we help you define how movement will fit into your new non-food-obsessed life. 

Week 5: Gratitude and comfort. There is power in thanking the body that you have right here and now. We dive deep on how to do so, as well as what to do in times when you're needing comfort. Maybe you used to turn to food for comfort, but maybe after this week you'll have the tools you need to make more empowered choices. 

Week 6: Self love and respect. This is a biggie! Dissect what self love means to you and how you can begin to show up for yourself in more loving, kind ways, both emotionally and physically. 

Is this group coaching?

Funny you should ask that ;) If you sign up before January 6, 2020, you'll be part of our first group coaching cohort for Stress Less About Your Body. You'll get bi-weekly coaching calls during the program, a special Facebook group cheering you on and bonus content that won't be accessible to those who sign up after Jan 6th, so get on it! 

Who is this program for?

Honestly, this program is for you if you're fed up of being obsessed with counting calories, how you look, "earning" your dessert and all that other bullsh*t. Amy and I get it - we've been there. But after a LOT of self work, coaching, Intuitive Eating studies and more, we can say with certainty that life is more fun when you ditch the obsession. FACT - diets don't work. FACT - life is more fun when you're not on a continuous diet. FACT - you can be healthy without dieting. FACT - we're pretty fun coaches!