Life isn't stressless, but we can help you stress less.

Stress is the epidemic of the 21st century. We are burned out, disenfranchised, anxious, depressed and it’s making us physically ill.

We’re also normalizing it. We say yes when we want to say no. We take on more than we have the capacity for. When someone asks how we are, we say, “I’m fine, busy” as though busy is a badge of success. And we’re just freaking tired.

Then COVID-19 hit and amped up our stress tenfold.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. The beauty is that there are some solid stress reduction strategies and habits that, when implemented consistently, can help us stress less, perform better and (shocker) actually enjoy our daily lives - yes, even during COVID-19.

When you’re less stressed you will:

* Set firm boundaries
* Invest in regular self-care
* Say no to the things that aren’t of value to you
* Improve your quality of sleep
* Snap WAY less
* Be focused and clear-headed instead of chronically distracted
* Live with way more vibrancy and joy

You were made for more than burnout.

I know, because I’ve been there. I contracted shingles twice before the age of thirty and it was completely stress induced from both my personal and professional life, as well as the poor strategies I had in place to manage my overwhelm. Things needed to be recalibrated and I went on an extensive wellness journey. Once I recovered, I certified as a Health and Life Coach and now I focus on how to help people stress less, because when you’re less stressed every single area of your life improves.

In partnership with other experts, Stress Less Ladies have created a suite of online programs to help support you in your journey to stress reduction, be it a holistic approach to your stress, or focusing on specific areas of stress in your life.

These programs are designed so that you can do them at your pace to fit in with your lifestyle needs. You’ll have lifetime access and when you sign up you get access to all future updates and bonus resources.

COVID-19 has brought stress to the forefront in a way that it never was before. Let’s help you move through these stressful times with the right tools, strategies and mindset in place to ride the corona-coaster with much more ease and yes, even some joy!

At the end of the day, life isn’t stressless, but we can help you stress less.

Scroll down to find out what our clients are saying about us!

Don't Just Survive - Thrive: Building Resilience During COVID-19

In this 6-week program you'll re-envision 2020, build habits to serve you and strengthen your mindset during these challenging times.
View course $249 CAD

Stress Less in 90 Days: Self-Led

Learn the tools, strategies and mindset shift to live a less stressful life.
View course $249 CAD

Stress Less: Mindfulness and Meditation for the Everyday

Calm the monkey mind with mindfulness practice.
View course $69 CAD

Stress Less About Your Body

Stop obsessing over your body and weight and start LIVING.
View course $197 CAD

Stress Less at Work

Over 70% of people report stress at work, but work doesn't have to be so stressful! Learn tangible tools to stress less at work. 
View course $49 CAD

Stress Less in 90 Days: Group Coaching

The same foundations as the self-led course but with way more personalisation, group coaching calls and a private FB community.
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Stress Less Summer Bundle

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What Are Our Clients Saying?

“Now that I am through the program, the stress is still there (and will always be), but I have good, practical strategies in place for making sure that it doesn't totally dominate my life. I have had fewer migraines, am able to be more present when I am at home with my family and don't find that the stress of my work influences how I operate quite so much. I'm just generally in a better place and know that I have good tools to fall back on when the pressure kicks up. Working with Victoria was such a wonderful gift I gave myself and I would 100% recommend her 12 week program to anyone who is not quite satisfied with how they are managing their current stress levels.”

Jen S. - Calgary