Life isn't stressless, but we can help you stress less.

Stress can be all-consuming. Overwhelmed. Overworked. Exhausted. Burnt out. Add the challenges of 2020 to the mix and it makes for a challenging combination. 

Here's the thing - the same stressors will be there in 2021. So the only thing that you can change or control is how YOU mange your stress. And it's possible - 100%. That's where Stress Less in 90 Days comes in.
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Stress Less in 90 Days: Group Coaching

Learn the core skills to manage your stress, battle burnout, regain energy and thrive (even during a pandemic).
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Who Are We?

Join certified Health and Life coaches, Amy Stubbs and Victoria Smith, as we guide you through solid strategies to manage your stress. We get it. We've both had our own experiences with burnout, illness, toxic relationships and more. That's why we got into this work. Nothing lights us up more than when we see real client progress. 

What Are Our Clients Saying?

“Now that I am through the program, the stress is still there (and will always be), but I have good, practical strategies in place for making sure that it doesn't totally dominate my life. I have had fewer migraines, am able to be more present when I am at home with my family and don't find that the stress of my work influences how I operate quite so much. I'm just generally in a better place and know that I have good tools to fall back on when the pressure kicks up. Working with Victoria was such a wonderful gift I gave myself and I would 100% recommend her 12 week program to anyone who is not quite satisfied with how they are managing their current stress levels.”

Jen S. - Calgary